Foundation Repair in St. Augustine, FL

Over time, due to shifting earth below and around your home, your foundation can shift. In most cases it’s subtle: just an inch every few years. But over time these shifts can add up to major misalignments, causing issues with sloping, cracking or concrete protruding in your basement. It’s a problem that demands foundation repair in St. Augustine, FL.

Instead of choosing invasive concrete breaking and re-pouring services, provided by a contractor who may not be qualified, make the choice to let Energy Foam Of North Florida LLC restore the integrity of your home or business’ foundation. We’re experts on all things concrete repair in St. Augustine, FL and well-versed in using hydraulic foam to restore foundation stabilization.

Problems with Shifting Foundations

cracked foudnation

There are many problems that can arise when a building’s foundation begins to shift. Not only does this threaten the integrity of the entire structure and cause insufficient support, it also opens the door for:

  • Poor appearance, which can lower property values
  • Access for pests that crawl up and into cracks
  • Organic growth that will take root in the cracks
  • Moisture damage that begins in foundation cracks and gaps

What is Hydraulic Stabilization Foam?

Hydraulic stabilization foam is an economical alternative option for repairing foundation shifting and instability. It conserves existing slabs (versus foundational demolition and removal of concrete) by pumping an expanding foam below the slab, which raises the slab and hardens to prevent further sinking or shifting.

The Benefits of Hydraulic Stabilization Foam

stabilization foam

What makes stabilizing foam a smart investment for concrete repair in St. Augustine, FL? Take a look at why this solution is even more viable than traditional demolition and replacement:

  • In most cases, hydraulic foam stabilization is more economical, cleaner and eco-friendly, and has little or no impact on home and business operation.
  • It’s applicable to virtually any foundation—from homes and businesses, to patios and other concrete slabs.
  • It’s usually the simplest and most economical method to address foundational problems, with shorter repair timelines and costs.
  • Repairing and leveling existing concrete via hydraulic stabilization foam keeps tons of materials from going into landfills.
  • Our foams are environmentally friendly, consisting of 39-49% renewable and recycled materials.

Hydro-Safe Foam Stabilization

We also offer a specialized foam product that is designed for marine/hydro applications, where the presence of standing water could negatively affect all other foam products. This extremely durable hydro-foam is especially well-suited for the special needs of the marine and dock industries in the southeast because it’s unique design prevents it from crumbling and fragmenting like other foam products can, thus protecting aquatic life and marine resources.

If your foundation shows visible signs of shifting or is the source of problems due to instability, contact Energy Foam Of North Florida LLC for an economical solution in the form of hydraulic foam stabilization! Reach us today at 904-826-7606 to learn more.